Musical Dots (up to 15 people)

Musical Dots is nothing like you’ve ever experienced before. Musical Dots packages fun and work all in one. Your team will stop at random spots every time when the music stops and perform different exercises based on where they are standing. With over 45 different body weight and resistance exercises in random order, Musical Dots is a new experience every time.

Bonus: 2 competitive group fitness games to bring your team together.

Muscle: Full Body

Number of people: 15

Time: 60 minutes

Training type: Endurance


**Please message Fitgura here for the closest available date & time.

SPACE: Due to the nature of fitness training, we do ask to have ample space for movement for the number of people that will be attending the fitness party. A good rule of thumb is to have enough space for each person to lay down and turn 360 degrees to make a circle without touching another person. Sample spaces: Conference room, cafeteria, canteen, meeting room, fitness studio, rooftop, dry grasses lawn, and any empty spaces.

Training Type: Fitness Game

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