Core Confidence (up to 15 people)

The belief that nothing holds you back. Core confidence isn’t innate; it is built.

Lots of planking, holding, rowing, combined with the magic of resistance band. Your team will gain more core power in an hour than many people in a year.

This fitness party features tons of partner training in arm and core conditioning. Additionally, there are 3 group fitness games that will bring out your team’s inner competitive universe.

Muscle: Core, arms

Number of people: 15

Time: 60 minutes

Training type: Core stability, core strength, strength


**Please message Fitgura here for the closest available date & time.

SPACE: Due to the nature of fitness training, we do ask to have ample space for movement for the number of people that will be attending the fitness party. A good rule of thumb is to have enough space for each person to lay down and turn 360 degrees to make a circle without touching another person. Sample spaces: Conference room, cafeteria, canteen, meeting room, fitness studio, rooftop, dry grasses lawn, and any empty spaces.

Training Type: Core Training

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